Daniel J. Benor, M.D.

Volume I, popular edition
Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution

- Comprehensive summary of scientific literature on spiritual healing (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, etc.) from around the world.
- Annotated bibliography of 191 randomized, controlled studies of healing. 
- Broad spectrum of healers’ reports of their methods and of positive results of healings.
- Review of research in telepathy, clairsentience, mind influencing matter - placing healing in the context of well-researched phenomena
- 600pp, including 1,500 references, endnotes, glossary, index, resources

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Volume I, professional supplement
Reviews the controlled studies, qualitative research and clinical reports in much greater detail, including statistical data. 
Findings are summarized in 41 tables.  (This volume does not include the survey of healers.)
- 500pp, including references, endnotes, glossary, index, resources

“The scientific proof for non-ordinary forms of healing is one of the best-kept secrets of our time. Dr Daniel Benor has taken the wraps off this immense data base. As physicians and laypersons learn of this evidence, healing may never again be the same. The ultimate value in this information extends beyond healing, however, to touch on the Great Questions: who we are, what our essential nature is, and how we may fit into the cosmos. A majestic contribution in the best traditions of science!” Larry Dossey., MD

 “An outstanding collection of information on healing written by a physician and scientist. Self healing, spirituality, psyche and other modalities are explored. This excellent collection ü sure to open minds and help us see all healing is scientific.
Bernie Siegel, MD

". . .truly a remarkable effort.  This book makes available the literature not only on healing but also on other diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. By adopting an energy paradigm, Dr. Benor brings a coherence to what would otherwise be a confusing picture."
Bernard Grad, PhD, (one of the pioneering researchers in healing)

 “Dr Benor’s manuscript goes well beyond anything that I have seen in documenting the abundance of work in the psychic-healing field. I am personally delighted to have had an opportunity to review the manuscript prior to publication. Work such as this needs wide dissemination.” C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

 “Spiritual Healing is a comprehensive overview of scientific investigations on spiritual healing. In this volume, Dr. Benor has assembled data from all over the world. His explanatory theories provide a solid base for badly needed research on these controversial phenomena. The material is clearly presented, masterfully organized and discussed in a manner that is fascinating without being sensationalized. Stanley Krippner, PhD

 “I find the book to be an excellent resource on research in healing. Some of the studies quoted in his book I can find nowhere else. I refer to this book often. It is well-written and contains much valuable information.” Richard Gerber, MD

"A most valuable guide to a very important subject. This book is both a fascination to read and invaluable as a work of reference.” Rupert Sheidrake, PhD

Detailed description

Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution 
(revised popular edition)  
brings you a comprehensive summary of scientific literature on spiritual healing from around the world.

    Healers make broad claims for the benefits of their treatments. This volume reviews a broad spectrum of anecdotal reports of methods and positive results of healings. There is now reason to believe that many of these healing reports may have substance.

    This book will radically change your perceptions of the world and of how you can relate to yourself, to other people and to your environment.


Comprehensive summary of scientific literature on spiritual healing (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, etc.) from around the world, with a broad spectrum of healers’ reports of their methods and of positive results of healings..
  Healers present an enormous spectrum of approaches that can bring about improvements in many conditions which don't respond to conventional medical care. On rare occasions there are very rapid, even instantaneous transformations from illness to health. More often, there are gradual lessenings of pain, improvements in physical conditions, lessening of anxiety, and brightening of outlooks.
  Some healers treat through a laying-on of hands, with light touch or with hands held near to but not touching the body. Other healers send healing from a distance as prayer, meditation or focused intent. Healing Research presents the views of dozens of healers from many traditions and cultures.

·        Annotated bibliography of 191 randomized, controlled studies of healing. 
  Research shows that spiritual healing may be helpful in treating heart conditions, AIDS, hypertension, muscle fatigue, arthritis, pains of many sorts, depression, anxiety and stress reactions. Studies in other species demonstrate effects on wound healing, cancer growth, growth of plants, bacteria and yeasts, and influencing cellular and DNA functions.

·        Review of research in telepathy, clairsentience, mind influencing matter - placing healing in the context of well-researched phenomena
  Healers report they can know intuitively what illnesses are present, and rely on inner knowledge of how to give healing.
  A century of research in parapsychology has confirmed the existence of mind-to-mind communications (telepathy), mind-matter awareness (clairsentience), and effects of mind on matter (psychokinesis). This vast body of excellent research also confirms many of the reports of healers.

·        Clarifications on the subjective nature of research, showing that there is no "objective truth"
Penetrating analysis of healing research suggests that even the best research is often open to subjective interpretation. The truth may be out there, but there is no "objective truth" in medical research.
  If mind can interact with matter, as this book convincingly argues, then researchers can actually influence their own experiments. One experiment specifically examines and confirms that this can happen.

·        Far-reaching implications for health care, spiritual awareness, and the healing of our environment.
There is more research on healing than on most of the other complementary therapies. Modern medicine has overlooked healing out of ignorance of its efficacy and out of discomfort with a lack of conventional explanations for healing in Western medical paradigms.
  Healers are starting to collaborate with doctors and to work in hospitals. Nurses and doctors are learning to develop and use their own healing gifts. Healing can be a effective, safe and cost-effective complement to most treatment modalities.
  Healing enhances personal spiritual awareness, a deep inner knowing that you are a part of a vast, loving universe.
  Healing knows no limits. We can learn to extend healing to our ailing society and planet.

·        600pp, including 1,500 references, endnotes, glossary, index, resources


Available soon, revised, vastly expanded paperback edition of Volume II, Consciousness, Bioenergy and Healing, and

Volume III: Science, Spirit and the Eternal Soul

Volume IV: Healing in the Light of Recent Research



Foreword by Larry Dossey, M.D.


-    Healing in the World Today - Brief overview

-    Examining the Evidence - Research in spiritual healing

-    Historical Perspectives - Spiritual healing, ancient and modern

Chapter I-1: Healers' Views of Healing - Reports from around the world

Chapter I-2: Measurements of Healers' Effects on the Physical World - Healers can alter water and other substances without physical interventions

Chapter I-3: Psi (Parapsychological) Phenomena - Research supporting many aspects of spiritual healing reports

Chapter I-4: Controlled Studies - Review and discussion of 191 Western studies, plus many studies from China and other countries.

Healing Effects on Human Physical Problems - AIDS, hypertension, cancer and more

Healing Effects on Subjective Experiences - Pain, anxiety, depression and more

Intuitive (Clairsentient) Assessments - Healers can intuitively know about your physical and emotional state

Healing Effects on Animals - Healing for skin wounds, hormonal disorders, cancers, and more.

Healing Effects on Plants - Healing can directly or indirectly (via healed water) enhance growth

Healing Effects on Bacteria - Healing can make bacteria grow more rapidly or more slowly

Healing Effects on Fungi/ Yeasts - Healing can enhance or retard growth of yeasts

Healing Effects on Single-Celled Organisms - Movement can be influenced via intent.

Healing Effects on Cells in the Laboratory - Cell growth and electrical activity can be changed

Healing Effects on Enzymes - Rates of enzyme activity can be altered

Summary - Overview of studies: 120 showing statistically significant effects

Chapter I-5: Further Clues to the Mystery of Healing

Historical Notes on Healing Research - Early research

Healings at Shrines - Many healings have been reported, some with impressive medical confirmation

Clinical Observations on Healing - Physicians, healers, and researchers report fascinating effects of healing

Qualitative Studies of Healers - Doctoral dissertations and Master's theses explore subjective effects of healing

Surveys of Healees - High satisfaction rates are reported

Risks vs. Benefits of Healing - Healing is a very safe treatment

Shamanism - Wisdom from societies with unbroken traditions of spiritual healing


Appendix A: Healing in the Bible

Appendix B: Sources of Help and Information



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Daniel J. Benor, M.D. is a wholistic psychiatrist who blends intuitive and spiritual awareness, spiritual healing and a spectrum of other innovative approaches with psychotherapy..  Dr. Benor has lectured and taught experiential workshops on this spectrum of methods internationally for 15 years.  He founded The Doctor-Healer Network in England and America.  Dr. Benor has authored many articles on wholistic, spiritual healing.  He appears internationally on radio and TV.  He is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine and on the advisory boards of the journals, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Subtle Energies (ISSSEEM), and Frontier Sciences, on the Advisory Council of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychotherapy (ACEP), and the Advisory Board of the Research Council for Complementary Mdicine (UK).  He is the editor and publisher of the newly launched International Journal of Healing and Caring - On Line www.ijhc.org  

See more by and about Dr. Benor and his work at: www.WholisticHealingResearch.com